About the Episode

🙋‍♂️ About Laurence:

How do you make energy generation in cities as accessible and effortless as possible? By making use of what’s already around us!

How about streetlights that can generate energy from the sun and wind? Laurence tried and tested it, but there wasn’t enough sun and wind in cities.

If not sun or wind, what about people? What if people could kick bus stops to generate electricity? Punch it? Jump on it?

.. or better yet, what about step on the ground? Then, everyone can step or walk over it!

In 14 hours, Laurence built a prototype on a floor tile that when stepped on, lit a light for 20 seconds.

Today, Laurence built Pavegen as an international, interactive energy solution for cities - installed and found in malls, jogging routes, airports, to schools and offices.

Now, everyone can be part of generating green energy ⚡️🔋

🚀 About Pavegen:

Pavegen is a tech company that developed floor tiles to convert people’s footsteps into renewable electricity.


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Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/laurencekemballcook/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/LaurenceKC


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I've been helping entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and innovators build their tech products since 2016!

Bringing outstanding products to life is not easy. But despite that, it's an amazing journey for anyone who wants to innovate, make a change or an impact in any industry.

So I wanted to get on the mic, meet with amazing founders/makers, and share all of their crazy journeys and experiences with you. I hope it educates, inspires and entertains you. Enjoy! ;)



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