About the Episode

Sidhant Gupta, Co-Founder and CEO Clearbot, explains his journey of JUST DOING IT. Growing up tinkering with robotics and spending most of his time in his parents’ electrical factory, he along with his co-founder used their technical skills to build a solution for our marine waste: a self-navigating bot that uses AI-vision to clear and sort marine waste - and being part of the sustainability and change for our waters. Clearbot is now recognized by many, and has even collaborated with Razer.


About me

I've been helping entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and innovators build their tech products since 2016!

Bringing outstanding products to life is not easy. But despite that, it's an amazing journey for anyone who wants to innovate, make a change or an impact in any industry.

So I wanted to get on the mic, meet with amazing founders/makers, and share all of their crazy journeys and experiences with you. I hope it educates, inspires and entertains you. Enjoy! ;)



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