About the Episode

Patrick Tu, Co-Founder and CEO of Dayta, unravels their journey of discovering the power of AI and integrating it with cameras to acquire, evaluate and interpret key retail data for store owners.

From testing the market with an Education solution to building Dayta with in-store traffic, heatmap, engagement and emotion analysis, find out how Dayta has built to be used by renowned brands all over Hong Kong - with Patrick being featured in Forbes’ 2021 “30 Under 30”!


About me

I've been helping entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and innovators build their tech products since 2016!

Bringing outstanding products to life is not easy. But despite that, it's an amazing journey for anyone who wants to innovate, make a change or an impact in any industry.

So I wanted to get on the mic, meet with amazing founders/makers, and share all of their crazy journeys and experiences with you. I hope it educates, inspires and entertains you. Enjoy! ;)



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